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With our 1-2-1 mobile auto interior trimming course, we come to you to provide the ultimate bespoke learning into auto upholstery. With over 20 years of experience in providing this service, our highly experienced team has been able to create an exclusive one on one training program that allows us to tailor each individual's needs so they can learn their craft without any distractions or outside influences.


We understand confidence comes from having fun and getting results !


A Bespoke learning experience targeted towards your business


Our instructors can help with any queries or concerns you have in order for you to grow your business



The Who and Why

This course was launched with one purpose in mind….

To teach and support the established business who doesn’t have the skills to include Upholstery in their offering.  A Campervan Convertor or maybe a Classic Car restorer.  You may be a small business or a successful business new to Upholstery.

Time is Money

We all know time is money – outsourcing is great if you don’t have the skill in-house, but you are relying on others when it comes to Quality, Delivering On-time and within Budget. 

Turnaround Times

Bringing the skill in-house, maximises profit and gives back control of the full project.  You will be taught all design concepts, and how to run the in-house Upholstery arm of your business efficiently, which will further cut turnaround times. This can be taught on a one-to-one basis or to a team.

Don’t call us, we’ll call you

So, to start with, rather than you come to us, we will come to you.  Don't disrupt your business, we will work with you on your premises, and on a current project too if required – paying for itself from day one!

Rock n Roll

All businesses are different, experience has shown us that one size doesn’t always fit all. Our Pro Courses are tailored to your business needs.  This could be on a one-to-one basis or if you have a team that will be doing the work for you, we will teach them together.  There are many advantages of this, one being they will all be taught the same methodology and no bad habits will be inherited.  The course content differs, but subjects and skills covered include:

                     Modern  Industrial Machine Skills ~ Repairs and Seat Preparation ~ Design Concepts and Patterns ~ Working                                                with Different Materials ~ Templating ~ Putting the Cover Together~ Fitting and Adjustments ~                                                          Headrests ~ Arm Rests ~ Door Cards ~ and not forgetting Rock n Roll Beds. 

                                    We will share our pro-tips and tricks with you and help you master the art of auto upholstery.

                                    *The Rock n Roll Bed section is usually a separate course; we include it with our Pro-Courses.

                    Classic   Industrial Machine Skills ~ Repairs and Seat Preparation ~ Classic Design Concepts and Patterns ~                                                 Working with Different Materials including the more traditional fillings and fixings ~ Templating ~ Putting                                       the Cover Together ~ Fitting and Adjustments ~ Gear Consoles ~ Arm Rests ~ Door Cards ~ and not                                                 forgetting Bench Seats. We will share our pro tips and tricks with you and help you master the art of                                                Classic Auto Upholstery.

Business Side of Things

As a business you want to have maximum profit, but there are many pitfalls when it comes to Materials, Choosing Equipment and Pricing.  We have learnt the hard way and believe me, we’ve tried everything!  Our experience has shown us to use Quality Materials and Reliable Suppliers.  We will teach you all about the different types of materials, the advantages of each and what happens to them during fitting and use. We will also go through the correct way to price the Upholstery part of the project, making sure you’re hitting maximum profit but not skimping on quality, thus building a good reputation within the industry.

Workshop Flow

We will also help you set up your workshop to accommodate the Upholstery side of the business and advise on the equipment needed.  We also have a few business partners who offer some really good discounts for our Pro-Course candidates, saving you £100’s in some cases.

Mentor and Advice

We have taught some of the most successful Convertors and Restorers in the UK.  Following on from your course, we will be on-hand to mentor and advice as needed.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Let’s talk money…. Did you know that it will take only 3 Projects to pay for this Course!  Bold Statement Alert…. Best investment you could ever make for your business!

So What Next?

Click on the Button below to arrange a call back.  Let’s have a chat about your business and how we can tailor a course to fit your needs. 


with our 1-2-1 in house auto interior trimming course, we come to you to provide the ultimate bespoke learning into auto upholstery. We offer a tailored course to meet your requirements and goals.


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We come to your location for a bespoke 1-2-1 training course


Courses are created bespoke to your goals, requirements and needs


Exclusive one on one training program that allows you to learn faster and ask questions without any distractions

Our team of experts are highly qualified and have years of experience working within this industry so they know exactly how best to tackle each task for maximum results.


Level up your skills in something you're passionate about or do you just need some extra practice before going pro


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