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Are you ready to turn your camper van dreams into reality?

A campervan seat upholstered in GTI fabric
Bently Diamonds
a student finishing a camper van seat

10 Day Campervan Masterclass


On this course you will learn:

Industrial Sewing Machine Skills

Seat Preparation & Repairs

Advanced Seat Upholstery

Patterns and Trends

Making Your Seat Cover

Fitting Your Seat Cover

Couldn’t recommend enough! I did the 10 day upholstery course and having been on other upholstery courses, it is the most comprehensive course that I have been on. Jacquie and Claire are amazing, willing to talk you through any question or problem... Having now set up my business, I cannot thank them enough."

- Ruby Hornsby

By the end of this course, you'll have the confidence and skills to upholster campervans, with the potential to
turn your passion into a profitable hobby.

Who is This Course For?

Regardless of your previous experience, we can help you take your Campervan restoration projects to the next level. If you are feeling stuck in your current job, or if you run a camper conversion business and want to take control of your upholstery work, this course is for you.

Not sure which course is right for you? Let's have a chat :)

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Are you ready to turn your Campervan dreams into reality, or perhaps kickstart your own upholstery business? Join us in our comprehensive training program designed to equip you with the skills to tackle any modern seat or Rock & Roll bed.

Learn about:

Campervan Seat Upholstery: From stripping down to fitting new covers, we cover everything about seat and Rock & Roll bed upholstery.

Advanced Upholstery Skills: After starting with the basics, we move onto advanced techniques including foam padding, door cards, headrests, armrests, and much more.

Industrial Sewing Machine Use: Understand how to use an industrial sewing machine and master various decorative stitches.

Material and Thread Knowledge: Gain insights into the different materials and threads suitable for your projects.

Pattern Layout and Sewing: Learn how to layout and sew popular patterns like the 'Bentley Diamonds'.

Fitting Covers & Understanding Foams: From fitting your covers correctly to understanding the different types of foams, we've got you covered.

Making Covers with Zips & Piping: Unleash your creativity by learning to make covers with zips and piping.

Professional Tips: We'll share crucial Do's & Don'ts, along with our preferred suppliers to ensure you have all the information you need to start your upholstery journey.

The joy of people saying "Wow, did you do that?"

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