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A teacher

My Story

Hello, I’m Jacqueline Lawson, but you can call me Jacq.

I’m the owner and principal trainer at Auto Interior Courses.


Growing up in Coventry, the heart of the UK car industry, during the 1960s, my life was heavily linked to the industry. My dad contributed to this legacy, working at the Motor Panels and helping build the body for the record-breaking 'Bluebird' car driven by Sir Donald Campbell.

’The city's car-making history shaped my destiny. In 2005, when the last Coventry-built car rolled off the Jaguar assembly line, it left a void. Drawing from this rich automotive history and a personal promise to preserve a piece of the car industry in the UK, I retrained in auto upholstery.

I spent 13 fruitful years learning from a master, refining my skills, and ultimately, establishing my own training school.

"I've blended my passion for preserving the car industry's legacy with my deep love for teaching and empowering people."

"I'm just as invested in your success as you are, and I believe in walking alongside you, every step of the way"

I'm so proud of seeing students transform their lives – trading unfulfilling jobs to passionately pursue something they love. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing their work, knowing that I played a part in their journey.

As your mentor and trainer, I bring more than just technical skills. I offer unwavering support, strong business knowledge , and keep you in touch with the latest trends.

I believe in creating a safe, welcoming, and uplifting environment that promotes your growth and confidence.

On your course you can expect a bespoke, personal learning experience. My teaching uses "skill stacking" – a method that builds your confidence as you master each module. 

I believe that learning is a two-way street. While I guide my students, they continually push my creative boundaries and keep me abreast with new trends and perspectives.

Above all, the most rewarding aspect of my work is seeing my students flourish in their businesses. Witnessing their success, knowing I've contributed to their journey, is a source of immense pride and joy for me.

Jacqueline x

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