Our modern courses cater for Hobbyists who want to put their mark on a beloved car.  Restorers or Car Detailers needing to complete a car without having to outsource the upholstery and those wanting start their own business.

Courses are suitable for all levels of experience.

Students are taught at individual workstations with a maximum student to teacher ratio of 1:3. 


2 Day Taster


5 Day Modern

10 Modules - Certificated



25 Modules - Certificated

We did this course.

10 Day Masterclass


On this course you learn everything you need to know to tackle any modern seat. It is a very intense course. You will learn everything from the 5 day plus more such as what happens when you have no cover ? Repairs to foam, doorcards, headrests and more. We can also bespoke this course to what you want to learn. We will discuss this on your booking confirmation.

Who is this Course Good For ?

The Masterclass is very popular with people wanting to start their own business or just starting out in Auto Upholstery but want to be able to tackle everything they may come across. It is also a good course for restorers wanting to start doing their upholstery in house saving them time and money.

What can I do after this Course ?

After this course you will be able to tackle most modern seats presented to you. Our advice on any of our courses is to get practicing when you get home on some seats of your own. This is the best way of building your confidence and you will be able to say yes to any job that comes your way. This is the best course if you are planning on starting an Auto Upholstery business.

2 Day Course


This is a 2 day course where you will learn how to do Headrests, Armrests and Doorcards.

Who is this Course Good For ?

This course is a good add on once you know what you want to do.

What can I do after this Course ?

After completing this course you will have the knowledge to be confident enough to practice.





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