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With over 20 years of experience in the upholstery industry, we specialise in traditional and modern upholstery for the Auto Trade.

We work with both private and commercial clients, in addition to teaching advanced vehicle upholstery skills through our Workshops and Online Courses



5 Day Campervan Seat Course - £875

Over the 5 days you will learn the skills needed to be able to Upholster a Full Seat.  

You will learn how to use an Industrial Sewing Machine and the different stitching you will need on your Seats.  
Learn the correct way to strip down your seat and prepare it ready for the fitting of your new cover.  This will include basic repairs.
You will learn Modern patterns such as the popular ‘Bentley Diamonds’ and have time to practise them.  
When all this is done… you are ready for the exciting bit – putting your Cover together and then fitting it.

After this course you will be able to tackle most modern Campervan  seats.
Our advice on any of our courses is to get practicing when you get home on some seats of your own. This is the best way of building your confidence and you will be able to say yes to any job that comes your way.


On this 10 day course you will learn how to upholster seats & Rock & Roll beds.


How to use an Industrial sewing machine
How to make a cover - with or without an original cover
Decorative stitches
Materials and Threads
How to layout and sew a pattern such as 'Bentley Diamonds'
How to fit your covers properly
Different foams
Making covers to fit on boards
Covers with zips
Do's & Dont's

10 Day Campervan Seat Course - £1747

This exciting Course is about bringing your dream to life.


You will learn everything you need to know so you can tackle any modern seat or Rock & Roll bed.

You will learn everything from scratch… we start with the 4 day course tailored to the Campervan and then move on to the advanced stuff. We will also cover foam, door cards, headrests, armrests and more.


This course can be tailored more to what YOU want from it. We will discuss this on your booking confirmation.

This is the best course if you are planning on starting a Campervan Upholstery Business or plan to take your upholstery in house.

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