The Campervan Converter Upholstery Course


This is our premium product.


We come to you and train you to do your Camper Van Upholstery.


Who Is It For ?   

This course is good for anyone who has a conversion business and wants to bring Upholstery in house, maybe you are fed up with waiting for upholsterers before you can sell your van or even get paid for the job ?

It is also a fantastic course for anyone wanting to go into the Auto Upholstery business. This course teaches you all you will need to know. 

This course is ideal for Converters whose time away from the business is hard to take. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Mobile Course ?

We do the travelling saving you valuable time

We work around you and your priorities

A Bespoke Course - We will find out what you want to do and tailor the course to you and your business.

Your secrets safe with us - We can train you on specific details, patterns and innovations that you want for your business

Workshop set up - Let us work with you to set up your workshop the best way

On the job training - If you are on a 10 day course, we will work with you live on that project on the second week

Time to practice - when we leave each day you can carry on and practice so you get more time in


Case study: 


Jo Po customs are a convertors based in Swansea.  They had several upholsterers fulfilling the order books for their vehicles and this did not always give them consistency in quality or lead times.  By working with them to interpret the designs they felt were "their" brand and bring their upholstery in house,the vehicles now process through the workshop without delays and margins have been released back to the Company.   Efficiencies have been built into the trim shop  which further cuts turn around times. 


We are on hand after this training to mentor through any new concepts or ideas for the trim shop.  



5 Day Course = £2200

10 Day Course = £3300

What can I do after this Course ?

After this course you should be confident enough to take customers jobs on.

You will be supported after the course with both the machine side and the upholstery side.