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The Upholstery Course tailored to the Classic car owner, restorer or enthusiast. 

Level 1 - Hobby

Level 2 - Advanced Skills

Level 3 - Masterclass

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The Upholstery Course designed for the Modern Car.  


All Modern Seat 

designs and Materials.

Level 1 - Hobby

Level 2 - Advanced Skills

Level 3 - Masterclass


The Upholstery Course perfected to re-upholster the interior of your project.  


From Door-Cards to Rock n Roll Beds!!  Learn as little or as much as you want!

Level 1 - Hobby

Level 2 - Advanced Skills

Level 3 - Masterclass

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Campervan Converter

The Ultimate in Upholstery Courses!  

Geared towards Conversion Businesses.


 Tailored to your Companies’ needs and requirements –

This course is as

Bespoke as it gets!!



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Introducing Auto Interior Courses


Our business is to change your life...

Finally start that Upholstery Business

Fulfil your dreams….

that Classic Car Restoration you’ve never gotten around to.

Save money on your business overheads…

by bringing the Seat Upholstery in-house!!


With extensive industry knowledge and know-how, perfected over 17 years, we have mentored some of the top Car Upholsterers in the UK -

for both business and pleasure.


Welcome to our World Full of Possibilities …..

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The ‘Modern’ Experience

‘The Times they are a changin’ - Bob Dylan


In times of uncertainty… not knowing what tomorrow will bring,

it’s time for us all to have a ‘Plan B’.


 It’s a horrible feeling not knowing what the future holds for us -

in our jobs and careers.

 You’ve always had an interest in Cars, so why not retrain and take a different path or simply supplement your income?  

You’re never too old to learn….

The majority of our students are over 45!

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The ‘Classic’ Experience


Let’s set the scene….

You’ve had that little bit of history in your back garden for a while now… life happens… kids, mortgage, work commitments, family takes priority!  

Then before your very eyes… the kids are grown, finances are better, you have more time for yourself…. It’s time!!!

It’s time to bring that car back to life!

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The ‘Campervan’ Project


Are you a Campervan Enthusiast ready for your next adventure?  

Still have work to do on your van before its maiden voyage?  

You know what you want, you picture the finished project,

but you don’t know how to achieve it …… yet!  

Imagine… the sense of achievement when admirers pay that compliment, think of how you will feel?


‘Proud’ will be an understatement!

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The Conversion Business


You’re a successful one-stop-shop for Professional 

Campervan Conversions!  

The majority of work is done in-house, however, you have to outsource the Upholstery.  Maybe your project is held up waiting for the upholstery to be completed - 

there's such a demand for good Upholsterers!  

Have you thought about bringing the skill in-house and maximising your profit on the refurb??  You will be in full control and watch the project come together in front of your eyes!  

Another amazing advantage is we can come to you….. 


‘Every Business is different, imagine one tailored to your individual business needs’


Online Learning

We recognise that everyone has their own way of learning.   


If you prefer to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home, then this is the course for you!

An ideal stepping stone on your journey to becoming a competent car Upholstery.

Our Students Have Featured in or on ...

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