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A very special event at the Coventry Transport Museum

I'm excited to share the details about our recent automotive course we held at the Coventry Transport Museum a few weeks ago. Four eager students, five days, and a treasure trove of classic car seats!

Each student brought in a unique piece of automotive history; with a quick glance around the workshop you could see seats from a classic British Morris Mini, an original Volkswagen Beetle, and a blast from the 80’s in the shape of a Nissan. We even had a pristine Lamborghini seat that we all admired from a respectful distance!

The museum wasn't just a backdrop; it was an integral part of the experience. We were treated to special tours, even got to try out a simulator, and delved into the story of a car that shattered land-speed records. It was fantastic being amongst such automotive history. Our workshop was surrounded by iconic cars, and under the expert guidance of the team from Auto Interior Courses, our students began their journey to become professional car upholsterers.

We were joined by students past and present too! The lovely Sarah, Dave and Gill popped by to dispense expert tips and tricks and talk about their experience and journey since coming on our automotive courses, some of which were a few years ago now.

We were thrilled to also be joined by Scott from @Chapwithacamera, who photographed some great moments - from the first pull of fabric to the final touch. The images tell a great story, showcasing the students’ journey from concept to creation.

The best part of the week - we laughed a lot. Learning is serious business, but it was also about enjoying the process. And every single student knocked it out of the park. They left with more than just a revamped car seat; they left with a new confidence in their upholstery skills.

As we packed up, we couldn't help but get excited for our students about what comes next. Our students aren't just leaving with a seat; they're leaving with a future in car upholstery, with support from us each step of the way.

As for the Coventry Transport Museum? We're already in talks for our return. Their hospitality made us feel so welcome, and we're eager to return and teach in such an automotive haven.

Curious about our upcoming automotive courses? Visit our home page for more details or feel free to reach out to us. Let’s start your upholstery journey together!

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What an amazing place to run the course from. Best wishes to all the students on their journeys 😁

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