Online Video Course with Kit £95
  • Online Video Course with Kit £95


    Online Video Course on 'How To Upholster a Seat' 

    Premium Quality vinyl - 2 Metre 




    Spray Glue

    Woodless Graphite pencil

    Postage and Packing 


    The online course includes the following


    No Experience........No problem, Our courses are designed for a complete beginner. 


    An easy to follow video course with step by step modules.  Set your own pace ! 


    What Will I Learn ? Below are the modules you will learn.


    Course Modules


    Module 1 – Setting Up Your Work Area

    You will learn how to set up your workshop and get to know the tools you will use. Your work area does not need to be large – just very organised. There are not many specialist tools. In fact, the biggest item you will need will be your sewing machine. BUT don’t panic, you don’t have to run out and buy one at this stage, there are now quite a few companies that hire them out worldwide, making it really easy without putting a big initial investment before you actually know whether it’s for you or not. If you need help with this email us the area you live.


    Module 2 – Industrial Sewing Machine Skills

    You will learn how to use an Industrial Sewing Machine. You will practise some skills for a while before you move on. The more confident you are with the sewing machine the easier the following Modules will be, so take your time and enjoy!


    Module 3 – Preparing to Strip Your Seat

    In this Module, we will show you the correct way to prepare and strip your seat, giving you loads of tricks and tips to make your life easier.

    **FREE TIP – Taking pictures before you strip the seat is priceless when comparing where fittings are placed and how the materials sit. So keep your camera or phone handy!


    Module 4 – Vinyl’s, Leather & Fabrics

    In this Module, we will teach you the different types of materials you will use in car upholstery. The list is endless!

    **FREE TIP – Make sure you buy good quality vinyl’s and materials, don’t skimp as a stretch can be difficult to work with when you are new to car upholstery.


    Module 5 – Repairs to your Seat Form

    You will learn how to repair a seat form (Jargon Alert!) We will show you a few essential repairs that will save you a lot of time and money buying a new one. Most seats suffer from drivers and passengers getting into a vehicle, they use the seat sides as support instead of sitting directly on the seat base. This is the cause of most repairs. This just needs additional support to repair it and we will show you how!


    Module 6 – Marking & Templating

    In this Module you will learn how to do Marking and Templating. This is a skill in itself. Its worth taking plenty of time over this. You will not appreciate the value of these ‘marks’ until you start putting your seat pattern together. Trust me!


    Module 7 – Creating Diamonds

    This Module is a favourite! We will take the mystery out of sewing Diamonds and double diamonds. Once you have mastered this skill, there’s pretty much nothing you can’t design. You will be able to say that you can make a Famous Bentley Diamond! Stay Calm and enjoy! Shine bright like a diamond!


    Module 8 – Making up the New Seat Base

    In this Module, we teach you how to make your New Seat Base. All the preparation now comes into play, as you start to piece your pattern back together and it all starts to make sense.


    Module 9 – Making the New Seat Back

    In this Module, you will put into Practise the New Skills you have learnt. We will guide you in making your new Seat Back. By this time your confidence will be hitting the ceiling. You will be starting to feel like a rock-star!! Just one last piece of the jigsaw…..


    Module 10 – Making the New Headrest

    Your final Module you will learn how to Make a New Headrest. We will also teach you how to fit and finish. You are now the Very Proud Owner of an Amazing New Seat!! Time to upload those ‘before & After’ Photo’s on the Facebook Page and show the world what you have achieved!!!

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