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5 Day Course

Over the next 5 days you will learn all the skills to be able to Upholster a Full Seat.  

We will start by teaching you how to use an Industrial Sewing Machine.  You will learn all the different stitching you will need on your Seats.  You will have plenty of time to practise and build your confidence.  
You will learn the correct way to strip down your seat and prepare it ready for the fitting of your new cover.  This will include basic repairs.
We will teach you how to Template your new Seat. 
You will also learn Modern patterns such as the popular ‘Bentley Diamonds’ and have time to practise them.  
When all this is done… we are ready for the exciting bit – putting your Cover together!

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Finally… we will then show you the correct way to fit your cover to the Seat.
Throughout the week, our trainers will share many tips & tricks that have taken many years to perfect, this will save you time and money going forward!
By the end of the course you will be confident enough to go away and complete your seats.
Why not bring your own seats with you…. You can start on your project with the added benefit of a pro overseeing the work!

10 Day Course

On this course you will learn everything you need to know to tackle most Modern Car seats. It’s the Masterclass of Modern Car Upholstery!!  


You will not only learn all the basics as in the 5 Day Course, in addition you will learn how to make Door Cards, Piping and Arm Rests.


In addition, you will learn new patterns and have time to experiment and practise what you have taught.


You will also take on bigger repairs, seat forms and layers.  You will learn to overcome the pitfalls of a Modern Seat Refurbishment.  You will experience the different problems associated with a ‘Modern’ seat.  We will be on-hand guide you throughout.  There are so many different manufacturers now and so many accessories used – methods alter slightly to accommodate these. 


What if there’s no cover?  No problem…  we will teach you how to overcome this too!


You will also be taught the different methods of working with Material, Vinyl and Leather.  

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This is an intense course and designed for the more serious upholster.  On completion of this course, you will gain enough knowledge and confidence to even start your own business – obviously after a bit of practise –

no ‘zero-to-heroes’ here!!

We do recommend that you take a little time building your experience further, by completing a few sets of seats and then you’ll be confidently ready to take on customers! 


This course can be taken in a small group or on a one-2-one basis for a more bespoke approach.

Pay your £100 Deposit to reserve your Place.