Upholstery Courses UK has a thriving community that take their Upholstery Skills to a whole new level through our Continuous learning Program and AMCMU standards.


Completing one our our courses is the start of your learning journey.  You go from your course full of knowledge and enthusiasm and, like taking a car out the first time on your own after passing your test, it can be scary!

It’s in your hands to hone your new skills, practice, make mistakes, take on challenges and get the job done.  


"I Love love love my new skills" but ...


What shall I do when I hit a challenge?

If it’s simple question I might feel a bit daft asking?

What if I am asked to do jobs I haven’t done before?

What pricing jobs? No one is going to tell me that surely!

How do I put things right without starting all over again?

How do I know when I’m good enough to charge for my work?

This program is delivered at your nearest workshop over weekends and made available in the members area as video.

 Bags Of confidence 


Upholstery Courses UK continuous learning Program

Bags of confidence!                                        

Upholstery Courses UK program of continuous learning

The courses run over weekends and will be made available within the members area via video.

This program delivered at your nearest workshop works through every skill we can give you in car and marine upholstery.

Including: Steering Wheels, Dashboard and Door Card wrapping, Modern,

Classic, Pop Tops, R and R cushions, Hoods, Hand Stitching, Machine tech,

Boat Covers, Cockpit seats, Salon Cushions, Bimini covers,


The only condition is that you have to have been on one of our workshop Courses or completed our online Modern car or camper van seat modules, and you know your way around an Industrial walking foot sewing machine.


Learn about our Access program here.

Prove you are a Master at this!

The Association of Master Car and Marine Upholsterers (AMCMU)


Upholstery Courses UK is launching an Association to recognise the car and boat trimmers of the UK .  Registration will be dependent on reaching certification of each standard and by being a fully paid up member. You will be able to hold your own alongside  the best of the best because you will be!

A Shelf with your name on it!


No joke - Our members have a  storage area at Undacover and the shelves are labelled with your names!

The goal - to have somewhere that all your favourite supplies go to and you pay ONE lot of

postage to get them delivered…. Simple but a big gripe in the world of car upholsterers.

How brilliant would it to be able to have a purchaser for you?  Someone that hears what your

fav supplies are then uses the power of their brand to get you the best price?

Tools that will change the way you work

Practical Solutions


Do you need help setting up your social media?




In fact, the way we see it - If we’ve got it you can have it.

We have been there done that and are happy for you to have it!

A bit of fun

Organised Events


Sam and I like fun - we don’t take life too seriously, we don’t like stressing and we don’t like the thought that you might.


We are massively proud of our community and grateful that our students want to keep this skill alive in the UK. So to keep you motivated we organise events, freebies, and tests on stuff thats new.