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Where Are They Now ?

Every week we will show you where are Students took their skills and what they are doing now.
Some have businesses, some are just doing it as a hobby and others have done some famous seats....Stay Tuned !

Meet Andy...

"I was an HGV Driver for many years prior to becoming involved in Auto Upholstery.

It was during a car restoration build that i was doing in my spare time that i decided to have a go at re-upholstering the car seats. Friends then started asking me if i could do their seats for them so i decided to get myself trained professionally with both Sam & Jacquie. 

I enjoyed it so much that i decided to do it full time and havent looked back."

Business Details
Smiffys Auto Upholstery
Andy Smith 
07515 286644
07548 253682
Here is some of Andy's work