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Signature Campervan Convertors Course - On Site Training

students with an upholstered campervan bed
a camper seat with tuck and roll pattern
Campervan seat with cushion

On Site Campervan Upholstery Training


What if you could stamp "Made in-house" on every part of your creation?

"Kudos on your flourishing business! Each handcrafted van radiates your dedication, and people are amazed by what you've built.

With each customer and each detail, your dream has grown into a reality. And those vans? They're a testament to your control over the craft.

But the upholstery... that final 'WOW' factor, it's still not entirely yours, is it? It's that last piece in your masterpiece puzzle, dependent on a third party, tied to their deadlines, their costs and their quality.

Imagine if you could bring that control in-house, reclaim the profits, free from supplier constraints. Frustrating, isn't it? To have every nut, bolt, and piece of wood be a reflection of you, except that last, show-stopping element.

What if you could stamp "Made in-house" on every part of your creation, including that dazzling upholstery? Imagine the buzz, the uniqueness, the complete ownership. It's time to make that final leap and truly stand out from the crowd."

This is your perfect opportunity! This signature course is designed to meet the needs of established Campervan Convertors who want to expand their offerings by including upholstery.

Learning Objectives

Industrial Machine Skills: We cover everything you need to know about modern and classic industrial machines.

Design Concepts and Patterns: We teach you how to come up with impressive designs and patterns that will wow your customers.

Working with Different Materials: We explore different materials including traditional fillings and fixings, teaching you how to choose the best for each project.

Cover Preparation and Fitting: Learn everything from templating and putting the cover together, to fitting and adjustments.

Special Sections: Dive into specifics like Headrests, Arm Rests, Door Cards, Rock n Roll Beds and Seats.

Material Supply : We discuss how to maximise profits while avoiding pitfalls in material selection, equipment choice, and project pricing. We'll also help you set up your workshop for upholstery.

Post-Course Mentorship: After the course, we'll be available to provide mentorship and advice as needed.

Who is This Course For?

If you're a Campervan converter looking to bring upholstery skills in-house, this course is for you. You'll have the chance to avoid the challenges that come with outsourcing, including fluctuating costs, varying quality, and delays in project completion.

Take control of your business, improve your turnaround times, and impress your customers with high-quality upholstery. With just four van projects, you'll cover your course investment – it's truly a win-win for your business.

To arrange a callback and discuss how we can tailor a course to fit your needs, click the button below. Let's elevate your business to new heights together!

It's time to make that final leap and truly stand out from the crowd

Upcoming Courses

  • Signature Campervan Convertors Course

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"If you want to learn how to upholster car and camper seating (amongst other things) then look no further... Jacquie was amazing, I started from knowing nothing about upholstering and within a fortnight I had a new found confidence that I could do this. I now work for Tribe Campers doing all their upholstery. Their standard is extremely high and they are really happy with my work." - Verity Bryant

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