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10 Day Advanced Seat Upholstery for Classic and Modern

Black Suede and leather seat
Blue camper van seat with student
leather seat in cream

10 Day Step by Step Seat Course

PRICE - £1797
Turn your passion for cars into a skillset that could ignite a whole new chapter in your life

I see you. Among the everyday hustle, the responsibilities, the stories that keep you in a safe place.

There's a spark in you that's unmistakably drawn to your passion "The World of Cars.".

Yet, a part of you hesitates, unsure if you can really do what you love.

Can you turn those dreamy glances at car interiors into a reality of your own creation?

Can you really transform fruitless hours  into moments of skill, creativity and pride?

I believe you can.

Because learning never stops, and it's never too late to chase a dream. When you showcase your work to friends, family, or even just to yourself, I feel that burst of joy with you.

Questions might whirl in your mind: Can I make a living doing what I truly love? Is it finally my turn to carve out something meaningful for myself?

Take a leap of faith and know you're not alone. I'm here with you, to guide, support, and celebrate every stitch, every achievement. Because it's your time now. Let's make it count.

Let’s dive deep into the world of automotive passion, laugh, learn, and rediscover you.

Discover car seat upholstery in this comprehensive 10-day course designed for the serious upholsterer.

We take you through the entire process from mastering the sewing machine to fitting your own seat cover.

Learn about 

Industrial Sewing Machine Skills: Beginners will start with the basics, while those with prior experience will delve into advanced techniques and machine tuning for optimal performance.

Materials: Understand the pros and cons of working with Fabric, Vinyl, and Leather, and how to handle each.

Seat Preparation & Repairs: Learn the correct way to strip down your seat and prepare it for the fitting of a new cover, tackling basic to technical repairs, and understanding different seat forms and layers.

Classic and Modern Seats: Overcome the challenges of restoring a Classic Seat, and grasp the evolution and variants of Modern Seats.

Templating: Master the art of templating for a perfect fit. If there's no cover to template from, we teach you how to overcome this, including creating fillets.

Patterns: Practice classic and modern patterns, like 'Tuck & Roll', 'Bentley Diamond', 'Single Diamond', 'Hexagon', and 'Wave'.

Making Your Seat Cover: Witness your creation come to life as you are guided through assembling your seat cover.

Fitting Your Seat Cover: Understand the correct way to fit your cover to the seat, learning different methods for different vehicles.

Detailing and More: Learn how to sew and fit Door Cards, Piping, Armrests, or Headrests.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to start your own car upholstery project and potentially set up your own business.

Who is This Course For?

This course is ideal for car enthusiasts and hobbyists looking for a more intensive learning experience, or those considering a career change into upholstery. Regardless of your current knowledge level, if you have the passion for cars, a desire to learn, and a hands-on approach, this course is for you.

Unlock your potential and turn your passion for cars into a skillset that could ignite a whole new chapter in your life. Sign up today and start your journey towards becoming an expert in car seat upholstery.

Craft your path to becoming a master of car seat upholstery.

"Amazing course and amazing tutors. I learned a whole new skill which started a new chapter in my life... For a hobby or a business venture, this is a great course to set you on your way!"

Faye Lingard

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