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Campervan Upholstery Dreams Come True: How Lisa Built a Lucrative Business from Scratch

“The support I got, and still get 2 ½ years after my course gave me the confidence that I always lacked, and I cannot thank them enough”


When Lisa embarked on her campervan upholstery journey, she had a goal: “That her new found passion would transform into a thriving business”. In this post, we'll walk you through Lisa's inspiring journey, highlighting her challenges, achievements, and the incredible transformation that led her to success.

Lisa's Early Beginning

Lisa said she didn’t expect to enjoy learning a new skill as much as she did. Especially the thought of handling an industrial sewing machine. In fact when her partner initially suggested that she did the upholstery for their new business she laughed. That laugh turned into many thoughts going round in her head until she decided to have a go!

The Decision to Learn Upholstery

At the age of 47, Lisa made a bold decision to dive into the world of upholstery. Having worked as a Service Sales Coordinator with no prior experience using an industrial sewing machine. The idea of learning this new skill was intimidating, but Lisa was determined to make a change.

The Birth of West Coast Campers

Lisa's journey was not only about acquiring new skills; it was about creating a new future. Her partner, an aircraft engineer had recently been made redundant and shared her dreams of starting a business. Together "West Coast Campers" was born, a business dedicated to providing exceptional Campervans.

Balancing Act: Full-Time Job and Upholstery Business

Lisa continued to work full time in her job after the course but when she started to get enquiries from customers it became too difficult to do both jobs. To handle some of the pressure she reduced her full time job to part time.

Taking the leap of Faith

The turning point in Lisa's journey was when she decided to take the leap of faith. With the demand for her upholstery services steadily increasing, she made the courageous choice to leave her job and commit herself entirely to West Coast Campers. It was a decision that would change her life.

Lisa's Expanding Horizons

Since making her decision, Lisa's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. She now offers her upholstery services to a wide range of clients, including her own business, other converters, motorhome and caravan owners, and classic car enthusiasts. Her passion and dedication have not only led to a lucrative campervan upholstery business, but also to countless satisfied customers.

Lisa's story is a testament to the idea that it's never too late to pursue your passion and turn it into a thriving business.

Her journey from a novice to a successful upholstery business is an inspiration to anyone considering a career change or the pursuit of a creative passion.

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