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5 Day campervan Seat
Upholstery course 

Transform your campervan seats with your own personal touch

Sky Blue Headrest upholstery
Leather Upholstered seat
Upholstered Seat Base

5 Day Campervan Seat Course


On this course you will learn:

Industrial Sewing Machine Skills

Seat Preparation & Repairs

Modern Patterns

Making Your Seat Cover

Fitting Your Seat Cover

"In a word AMAZING 🤩... Friendly, professional, funny, talented and most of all patient. Did not want to leave and still receiving help and support when required." - Lisa

By the end of this course, you'll have the skills to tackle any modern Campervan seat upholstery project. We recommend practicing these new skills at home on your own seats to continue building your confidence.

Who is This Course For?

This course is perfect for Campervan enthusiasts wanting to trim their vehicle's interior, or for anyone looking to acquire a new, practical skill. Regardless of your previous experience, we can help you take your Campervan restoration projects to the next level.

Secure your spot on the course today and start your journey towards mastering campervan seat upholstery.

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Not sure which course is right for you? Let's have a chat :)

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Master the art of camper van seat upholstery in this immersive 5-day course, starting with the basics of using a sewing machine, right through to creating and fitting your own seat cover.


What you'll learn:

Industrial Sewing Machine Skills: We'll guide you through using an industrial sewing machine, teaching you all the different stitches you'll need to reupholster your Campervan seats.

Seat Preparation & Repairs: Learn how to strip down your seat, prepare it for a new cover, and carry out basic repairs.

Modern Patterns: Get to grips with modern upholstery patterns such as the popular 'Bentley Diamonds' design, and have plenty of time to practise your new skills.

Making and Fitting Your Seat Cover: The most exciting part of the course - putting your cover together and fitting it to the seat.


​Fulfil your potential, indulge your passion, and earn the admiration of others as you turn your dream into reality.

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